Dr. Steve O'Grady

Dr. Steve O'Grady was a professional farrier for ten years prior to obtaining his degree in veterinary medicine. He learned the farrier trade through a formal three year apprenticeship under "Hall of Fame" farrier, Joseph M. Pierce, of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He then returned to school, attended Haverford College and went on to graduate from the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science in South Africa with a DVM Degree in 1981. After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. O'Grady did an equine internship in Cape Town, South Africa. From here he went on to join Dr. Dan Flynn at the prestigious Georgetown Equine Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia where he stayed for 10 years before opening his own practice devoted to competition horses and farriery.

In 2003, he opened Northern Virginia Equine in Marshall, Virginia and in 2014, he moved to Keswick, Virginia and opened Virginia Therapeutic farriery – both are referral practices devoted to foot disease and equine therapeutic farriery. Here he combines his skills as a veterinarian and a farrier to better understand and treat problems of the foot. He has published 33 peer-reviewed papers in the veterinary literature, numerous papers in the farrier literature, written 18 book chapters and edited two editions of Veterinary Clinics of North America on equine podiatry and therapeutic farriery - all resulting from his extensive work in equine podiatry. He is currently in the process of editing a textbook on Farriery. In 2003, he was inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame and in 2009; he received the AAEP President's Award for his work in farrier education.

Martina Roebuck

Martina Roebuck has been associated with Dr. O'Grady since 1989. Until recently, she worked for Dr O’Grady as both the office manager and an experienced veterinary assistant. Although she has now relocated to Spain, her influence and input into the practice remains invaluable. Martina still spends much of her spare time taking care of her animals – 12 dogs, 15 cats, 4 horses, a donkey, 1 cockatoo, 2 goats and multiple ducks, chickens and geese.

Jendaya Regina O'Grady

Jendaya Regina O'Grady, my daughter and very capable assistant. Jendaya has now assumed the management of the office on a part time basis. She graduated summa cum laude from VA Tech with a BS in Biochemistry. She is now in her second year of veterinary school at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA.

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