Dr. O'Grady maintains a small library of peer-reviewed published papers on equine podiatry and therapeutic farriery.

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Dr. O'Grady offers a unique consulting service to help manage severe foot problems.

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Stephen E. O'Grady, DVM, MRCVS
833 Zion Hill Road
Keswick, VA 22947
Office (434) 984-3584
In Assoc. with: Palm Beach Equine Medical Centers
Virginia Therapeutic Farriery is a referral practice that provides advanced services in equine podiatry. The practice offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and maintenance for a variety of foot conditions using medical therapy as well as therapeutic shoeing. The combination of being both a veterinarian and a professional farrier allows Dr. O’Grady to treat each foot problem on an individual basis with an understanding of both the medical physiology and biomechanics of the equine foot. Dr. O’Grady’s methodology centers on using the basic principles of farriery combined with advanced technology to treat foot problems.

Virginia Therapeutic Farriery also offers a unique equine podiatry consulting service where Dr. O’Grady with his experience and expertise in equine podiatry has been able to improve or resolve cases with serious hoof problems both in this country and worldwide.

The Podiatry section of this site provides peer-reviewed published papers with factual information on equine podiatry and therapeutic farriery for veterinarians, farriers and the horse-owning public. There will be articles written by Dr. O’Grady and other professionals with an expertise in hoof abnormalities and disease.

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