Consultations can be used for a variety of complicated hoof conditions where the problem is severe, chronic and non responsive to the present treatment. Hoof problems such as severe injuries, acute or chronic laminitis, hoof wall defects (non-healing quarter or toe cracks), hoof capsule distortions (club feet, long toe under-run heels) and severe hoof disease (Infections, WLD, canker). We also consult on therapeutic shoeing for horses where the lameness is localized to the foot .There are many hoof related problems that benefit from the advanced technology and farrier techniques we have available today.

Consultations are available in several ways:

By phone. Radiographs of a given foot (feet), digital pictures of the front, side and solar surface of each foot along with a complete history can be sent to Dr. O’Grady either as hard copies or on a CD. Dr O’Grady will evaluate the material, formulate a plan and then do a consultation via phone with the responsible parties on the case. This will be followed by a written evaluation and treatment plan. The consultation will be on a fee basis depending on the time Dr O’Grady spends on the case.

Travel. Arrangements can be made for Dr. O'Grady to travel to your farm for consultation with your veterinarian and/or farrier on severe / complicated hoof problems. This method is often beneficial as the horse can be evaluated by the team (Dr. O'Grady, attending veterinarian, and farrier), a treatment plan is discussed and put in place, the initial treatment is done by the group on the farm and by doing this; the follow-up management of the case becomes more realistic as all involved has observed the treatment. The potential for success with this team effort is excellent.

Therapeutic Farriery Days at various veterinary clinics around the country are becoming increasingly popular. Here difficult Therapeutic Farriery cases are brought to the clinic on a specified day. The only stipulation is that the owner’s farrier accompanies the horse. The horse is evaluated and treated through the joint effort of your veterinarian, your farrier and Dr. O’Grady. Follow-up and maintenance is performed on your farm by your farrier. This plan offers success in many cases as everyone including the owner is working together. Veterinarians are welcome to call for further details.

Breeding Farms. Large breeding farms benefit from having Dr. O’Grady join the farm veterinarian and/or farrier to evaluate the current hoof care practices. The foot care performed on young stock from birth to six months is crucial. Many hoof problems such as abnormal foot conformation and limb problems such as angular limb, flexural and rotational deformities that affect the future athletic ability and sales price of a young horse can often be avoided if recognized early and treated at this young age. Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares with foot problems are observed to make sure the best trimming/shoeing practices are being performed. This service is cost effective if just one animal is helped.

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